Build Your Own Monthly Plan

Customize a plan to meet your needs.

If you talk and text regularly each month, the 30-day no-contract prepaid plan is for you! Choose what you need and change it at any time.

What's included?

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Unlimited text

Base Plan

  • 25 Canada wide anytime minutes.
  • Unlimited Canada wide texting.

A monthly 911 Recovery Fee of $1.25 will be charged for 911 emergency access.

Add Canada Wide Minutes
Add Data*
* Data add-on must be added at the time of plan selection.

How It Works
Once you customize and select your Monthly Plan, the charge is deducted from your prepaid account balance every 30 days. You are responsible for ensuring that sufficient funds are in your account balance before the monthly charge is deducted. Your account balance will also be used for any out-of-plan services or additional charges such as 411 directory assistance or the 911 Recovery Fee.

Additional and Out of Plan Service Rates
If your plan services are used up before your expiry date or your account balance is insufficient when the Monthly Plan charge is deducted, the following out-of-plan service rates will apply to your account and be deducted from your balance:

  • Canada-Wide Calling (Outgoing and Incoming) – $0.30/minute
  • Data usage – $0.10/MB

Additional services are available for an extra charge over your monthly plan:

  • Calls to the United States – $0.55/minute
  • Text messages to U.S. numbers – $0.15/text
  • Text messages to international numbers – $0.35/text
  • Picture messages – $0.50/msg
  • Directory Assistance - $3.50 + Local calling rate

A monthly 911 Recovery Fee of $1.25 will be charged for 911 emergency access.

Adding Money to Your Account Balance is Easy

  • Set up automatic payments at
  • Purchase account top ups online or in-store at participating Petro-Canada locations in the following denominations: $15, $25, $30, $40, $50 and $100
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