Number Portability

Already have a cell phone number and don’t want to lose it? If you are a current Canadian wireless phone subscriber, you can keep your phone number when you change your service provider.1

It’s also possible to transfer a phone number from either a prepaid or postpaid wireless service. But before considering a switch, just make sure your phone number is still active with your existing service provider. You won’t be able to carry unused phone time to Petro-Canada Mobility and you will need to buy a Petro-Canada Mobility SIM card.

In some cases (some rural areas excluded), you can also keep the same phone number when transferring you landline phone service to a wireless service.

How to Port Over Your Number

Check Eligibility

Call us at the Petro-Canada Activation Line: 1-866-788-3475 to see if your current phone number is eligible.

Buy a Phone

Choose a Petro-Canada Mobility phone that’s right for you.


Obtain Account Information2

Are you porting a cellular number? You need:

  • Most recent monthly phone bill from your service provider OR your current mobile phone
  • One of the following:
    • Account number with current service provider
    • Handset serial number3
    • Account password/PIN from current service provider

Are you porting a home number? You need:

  • Current account holder’s name (as it appears on the account)
  • Account service address
  • Account number
Transfer Your Number

Call the Petro-Canada Activation Line at 1 (866) 788-3475 to begin the process. All ports are initiated the following business day.4

Start Talking

Your Petro-Canada Mobility phone will now work with your number once the transfer is complete. You will receive a text message with your temporary voice mail number.

  • 1. In most areas. Includes prepaid or postpaid wireless service.
  • 2. The phone number must be active, so do not cancel your current service. We will let your service provider know that you want to move your number from their service to Petro-Canada Mobility. (You are still responsible for any cancellation fees and residual charges that you may owe under your previous service provider’s agreement. Also any credit balances with your current provider will be lost.)
  • 3. Found underneath the battery (on the back of the phone). This will give you either the ESN (11 digits) or IEMI (15 digits).
  • 4. Once initiated, the process takes about two hours, during normal business hours. With certain rural numbers and during busier times it may take up to 72 hours to complete. During this time, you can still use your old number and mobile phone. Be sure to check your voice mail and other services one last time before the number has been transferred.
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