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Petro-Canada Mobility Prepaid Plans

Questions about our plans and how to choose a plan.

  1. How many plans does Petro-Canada Mobility offer?

    We offer two prepaid cell phone plans:

    • The Anytime Pay Per Use
    • 30 Day Plan
  2. What is the difference between the Anytime Pay Per Use and the 30 Day Plan?

    The difference between these two types of prepaid plans is your choice of services. What they share in common is your ability to control your account.

    The 30 Day Plan is ideal for customers who use their mobile phone often and want control over their usage features (i.e., talk, text, and data). Choose one of our Plans with Talk, Text and Data to suit your expected usage. Incoming and Outgoing text messaging to Canadian numbers is unlimited regardless of the plan. The plan you choose will have a set fee with services billed to your account each month. Additional charges over and above your monthly fee may apply depending on how you use your phone. If your plan services are used up before your expiry date or your account balance is insufficient when the Plan charge is deducted, the out-of-plan service rates will apply to your account and be deducted from your balance. Also ensure that your airtime balance does not expire during the 30 day plan period.

    The Anytime Pay Per Use is ideal for casual mobile phone users who want airtime usage flexibility and want to only pay for what they use. You buy the airtime you need when you need it, through the purchase of prepaid account top up vouchers. You control your usage and your balance, and are charged for each minute you talk, each text message you send, and each MB of data you use.

  3. How do I select a Plan?

    Everyone is automatically placed on the Anytime Pay Per Use unless they actively choose a 30 Day Plan. There are three ways to choose a 30 Day Plan:

    • Log in to your online account or
    • Call Petro-Canada Mobility Customer Service at 1 (866) 788-3475 or
    • Dial 611 from your Petro-Canada Mobility mobile phone
  4. Do I need to do anything special when activating a plan with data?

    After submitting your request for a 30 Day Plan or turn data on to your Anytime Pay Per Use, you will receive a confirmation text message. Once you have received the confirmation text, power off your phone and turn it back on.

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