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Number Portability

Questions about how to switch your current number to Petro-Canada Mobility.

Retaining an Existing Cell Phone Number
  1. What is local number portability?

    Local number portability enable Canada's wireless phone subscribers to retain their phone number when changing service providers. This is similar to the system which is currently in place for home and business numbers. The country's major wireless carriers have given their customers the option to "port out" their phone numbers (in most areas).

  2. Can I port my landline phone number to wireless?

    Yes, in some cases you can keep the same phone number when transferring your landline phone service to wireless service. However, in some rural areas numbers are not eligible for number portability. Please call the Petro-Canada Mobility Customer Service at 1 (866) 788-3475 to see if your existing number is eligible to be ported to Petro-Canada Mobility.

  3. Can I port my existing prepaid or post-paid wireless number to Petro-Canada Mobility?

    Yes, it is possible to transfer a phone number from either a prepaid or post-paid wireless service. Before considering a switch, ensure that your phone number is still active with your existing service provider. We suggest contacting your current provider to ensure that you understand any fees and any further action required by you when porting your number out. Your current provider may require you to confirm your porting request by text message sent to your phone. You may need to insert your current providers SIM into your phone to receive the text and instructions. You can also confirm this with your current provider. Any unused account top up minutes from your current provider will be lost. You will not be able to carry unused phone time to Petro-Canada Mobility.

  4. How does my phone number get ported in to Petro-Canada Mobility?
    • Check the eligibility of your original phone number.
    • Ensure the original phone number is active.
    • Choose a Petro-Canada Mobility phone and SIM Card.
    • Activate your SIM card with a temporary Petro-Canada number.
    • Get ready to transfer your number by gathering the required information for your original phone number.

      From a Wireless Number
      Provide your telephone number and two of the following:

      • Account password/PIN
      • Phone IMEI (HSPA/GSM) devices or ESN (CDMA) devices

      From a Landline Number
      Provide your telephone number and all of the following:

      • Account number
      • Full name and address as listed on the account
      • Is your Distinctive Ring active?
      • Does the phone have DSL Internet that you wish to keep?

      Call the Petro-Canada Mobility Customer Service at 1 (866) 788-3475 to initiate the process.

    • How long does it take to transfer my existing number to Petro-Canada Mobility?

      The transfer of your wireless phone number will be done the next business day. With certain rural numbers it may take up to 72 hours to complete. During this time you can still use your old number. Once the transfer is complete, your old phone will stop working and your Petro-Canada Mobility phone will now work with your number.

      Note: It takes between three to five business days to transfer a landline number to Petro-Canada Mobility.

Porting your Petro-Canada Mobility number to another service provider

What information do I need to provide the new service provider?

  • Account password/PIN
  • Phone IMEI (HSPA/GSM) devices

Your new service provider will contact us to release your existing Petro-Canada Mobility number and your account will be cancelled. Any remaining balance you have on your Petro-Canada Mobility number will be forfeited.

In order for your number to be ported to another provider, your account must be in active status and cannot be expired.

To reactivate a Petro-Canada Mobility Number, you need to purchase a SIM card.

I have a bought a new phone or SIM card, but I have an existing number

New Phone: If you would like to keep the same number and your existing SIM card is the required size simply remove the SIM card from the old phone and place it in the new phone.

New SIM Card: If you would like to keep the same number and have a new SIM card do not activate it. Call Petro-Canada Mobility Customer Service at 1 (866) 788-3475 to have the new SIM card configured on your existing number.

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