Activate SIM Card

Congratulations! You have just activated your phone.

Your new Petro-Canada Mobility™ phone number is:
(780) 676-2050

Please use your cell phone number as your username for your online account. To activate your account, you just need to make one phone call to anyone you choose!

Purchased an account top up in-store? Take a moment to load it now:

To add a Top up voucher simply dial *888*PIN# and press the “send” key from your Petro-Canada Mobility phone.

For example, if the voucher PIN is 123456789012, you would press *888*123456789012# and then “send.”

Almost done! Just one more step...

Enter a password for your online account:
(Your password must be at least eight characters, contain both letters and numbers. It cannot be your phone number.)

Security Questions

What are security questions for?

These security questions are used if you forget your password and need to reset it using the website. On the login page the 'Forgot Password?' link will take you through the process of resetting your password. During this process you will be asked to correctly answer one of the secret questions in order to reset the password.

This security measure helps ensure that only you can reset your account password.

2-Step Verification

What is it?
When 2-Step Verification is enabled, an individual will require access to your cell phone in addition to your login credentials in order to login to your account.

How does it work?
When you login to the Petro-Canada Mobility website a free text message will be sent to your phone. The message will contain a 4 digit verification code. The website will prompt you for this code in order to login. This ensures that even if your login credentials are acquired by a 3rd party, they would also require your phone in order to successfully login.

Provide your Petro Points number and earn points whenever you top up your account online.

Only click the button once! Using 'Back' or 'Refresh' may cause errors.

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