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Lost/Stolen or Damaged Phones

What to do if your Petro-Canada Mobility™ phone or SIM is lost/stolen

  1. My phone or SIM card is lost/stolen, what do I do?

    Please call 1 (866) 788-3475 and have a lost or stolen phone report placed on your account. This will prevent anyone else from using your phone or depleting your account balance.

    At your request, we can also have your IMEI Blacklisted to prevent anyone else from using your phone. Your phone must have been used on your account in the last 60 days to be listed on the Blacklist.

    Reporting your phone lost/stolen will keep your balance intact; however, the monthly 911 Recovery Fee will continue to be deducted from your account. As well, your account balance will continue to expire.

    Please purchase a replacement SIM card and insert it into your new phone – however, do NOT activate it. Instead, Log into your Petro-Canada Mobility account and select ‘Replace SIM Card Now’ on the main page.

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