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Getting Started with Petro-Canada Mobility

Questions about how our wireless service works.

  1. What do I need to get started with Petro-Canada Mobility™?

    Simply purchase a Petro-Canada Mobility SIM card online or from any of our participating retail locations and insert it into your unlocked HSPA (850/1900 Mhz) mobile phone

    If you don't have an unlocked mobile phone, you can purchase one from our selection available online. Don't forget to buy a SIM card as well.

    Once you have your unlocked phone and SIM card, visit to activate the SIM on our website, select your plan and add an airtime credit to your new account.

    Within a few minutes, you'll be ready to start using your phone on the Petro-Canada Mobility network. Welcome to the family!

  2. What services are included when I join Petro-Canada Mobility?
    • Free voice mail
    • Free caller ID
    • Free call waiting
    • Three-way calling
    • Free incoming text messages
  3. Are there any contracts to sign?

    No! There are no contracts to sign.

  4. Are there activation fees?

    No! There are no hidden activation fees.

  5. Will I need to go through a credit check?

    No credit check is required for our prepaid service.

  6. Will I ever receive a bill for services that I've used?

    No, you will never receive a Petro-Canada Mobility bill. Any charges you incur are automatically deducted from your account balance.

  7. Can I move my existing phone number onto my new Petro-Canada Mobility cell phone?

    Yes, you can move your current home or cell number onto your Petro-Canada cell phone with our Number Portability process.

  8. Are there any monthly service charges or system access fees to pay?

    There are no system access fees with Petro-Canada Mobility. However, a monthly service charge of $1.25 will be deducted automatically from your account balance for the 911 Recovery Fee.

    This means that as a Petro-Canada Mobility subscriber you can dial 9-1-1 any time for emergency assistance, free on the Petro-Canada Mobility wireless network.

    This fee is charged to provide our customers with access to emergency services.

  9. Does Petro-Canada offer roaming?

    Petro-Canada Mobility operates on a national 4G HSPA+ network that covers over 90% of the Canadian population, which means you will always be on our network and will have no need to roam. Please see the coverage map for details.

  10. What can I buy online from Petro-Canada Mobility?

    We offer a variety of unlocked mobile phones and SIM cards. You can also purchase account top-ups for yourPetro-Canada prepaid account online.

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