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Already activated your Petro-Canada Mobility SIM Card? Register for an online account now.

Want to transfer an existing phone number to your Petro-Canada Mobility phone? Call the Petro-Canada Mobility Customer Service line 1(866)788-3475 or dial 611 from your existing Petro-Canada Mobility phone and we will transfer your number.

Already have an existing Petro-Canada Mobility number and need to add a new SIM to your number? Log into your Petro-Canada Mobility account and select ‘Replace SIM Card Now’ on the main page.  It is very important that you do not activate your new SIM with a new number.

Before you begin:

  • Make sure your unlocked phone works on the Petro-Canada Mobility network - it must be HSPA (UMTS) and 850 MHz and 1900 MHz compatible. 

    Note:  Some iPhone applications such as FaceTime and iMessage require a plan with Data in order to work.

  • Have your Petro-Canada Mobility SIM card ready.
  • Have your credit card, VISA debit card, Interac card or Top up voucher ready.

Having problems? For assistance, call Petro-Canada Mobility Customer Service at 1 (866) 788-3475.

Online SIM Card Activation

To activate, enter the 9-digit activation code found on your SIM card.

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a 15 digit number unique to your mobile handset. Using most phones you can find it by pressing *#06#. After pressing the last # a number will appear on your handset. Alternatively, you can also find the IMEI number printed on your handset under the battery.

Contact Information

Please create a 4 digit numeric pass code that will be used by Petro-Canada Mobility customer service to identify you.

Language Preference

Choose Your Phone's Local Calling Area

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Accept the Terms and Conditions

Please read and agree to our activation terms and conditions. The terms and conditions cover the legal requirements so we can activate your phone. Read the Petro-Canada Mobility Terms & Conditions

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